Non Food Uses of Sugar

Medical uses of sugar

For decades, sugar has been used as a clean carbon source by the fermentation industry for the production of pharmaceuticals, and other products for human consumption. Besides the use of sugar in pharmaceuticals, below are other uses of sugar.

Oral Dehydration Solution

Table sugar can be used to make oral rehydration solution (ORS), which can help prevent dehydration in children who have infantile diarrhea or vomiting in developing countries. The effective use of ORS saves millions of lives around the world each year. Although recipes for ORS vary from country to country, one widely used recipe is made up of 1 litre of water, 8 teaspoons sugar and ½ teaspoon of salt.

Sugar as a vehicle for supplying vitamin A

Fortification of foods with micronutrients is generally recognised as the most cost-effective long-term strategy for eliminating micronutrient malnutrition. It is also socially acceptable, requires none or little change in food habits and characteristics, and provides a means for reaching the greatest percentage of the population requiring the micronutrients.

Sugar is a safe and economical foodstuff that is accepted and consumed by populations at risk including those who are very poor. So fortified sugar can play a critical role in fighting nutrient deficiency. Consumption of fortified sugar has resulted in significant increases in vitamin A intake. Vitamin A fortification can significantly reduce the risk of a permanent form of child blindness and mortality from severe infections in undernourished children.

Beauty Uses of Sugar

The benefits of sugar to the skin are not just experienced in term externally. Sugar in your diet might also do your skin some good. Sugar is a big depository of skin -beautifying qualities, if used topically on the skin as an exfoliating scrub. It can deliver excellent results in brightening and polishing your skin. Here are some of the best beauty uses of sugar.

Benefits of Sugar Scrubs

Sugar scrubs are mild and help to gently remove dead skin cells. They also helps to rejuvenate the skin by cleaning all the dirt from the pores for an even toned skin. Sugar is one of the best natural beauty ingredients to exfoliate your skin. The benefits of sugar for your skin is not limited to exfoliation.

  • You can add sugar to lemon juice and honey to prepare a simple and yet effective scrub for your skin.
  • Softens Skin. It is very helpful in keeping the skin soft and supple. Mixed with olive oil, sugar softens your skin. Olive oil has Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids that naturally moisturise the skin.
  • One of the major benefits of sugar for your skin is that it maintains the oil balance. Sugar contains two important components, glycolic acid and alpha-hydroxy acid. These components help to maintain perfect oil balance in the skin. They will not allow your skin to become too dry or too oily, so you are left with a healthy and radiant glow.
  • Protection against Toxins. Sugar has a natural anti-ageing effect on the skin. Sugar scrubs cleanse your skin and do not allow toxins to attack your skin cells, to keep your skin youthful.
  • Sugar and honey mix is used for waxing, a process of extracting the unwanted hair of your body. Sugar and honey mix can be used on face and body to scrub out all dirt and dead skin layers to reveal a fair and radiant skin naturally.
  • Rubbing sugar on your lips makes your lips smooth and rosy. You can use olive oil, castor oil and sugar scrub on your lips to smoothen the dry, chapped and peeling lips.