The simple, irrefutable fact is: Sugar is a healthy part of a diet. Sugar color may not be an indicator of nutritional value or healthfulness, but it can tell you a lot about how the sugar was manufactured.

Types of Sugar

There are many different types of granulated sugar. Some of these are used only by the food industry and professional bakers and are not available for direct consumption. The types of granulated sugars differ in colour and crystal size. Each crystal size provides unique functional characteristics that make the sugar appropriate for a specific food’s special need.

Why Do We Eat Sugar

Simply put, “SUGAR” is your body’s fuel! A form of carbohydrate, Sugar plays an important role in providing the energy necessary for our bodies to function properly.

Uses of sugar

There are Food & Non-Food Uses of Sugar. In addition to providing a sweet taste and flavour, sugar performs a variety of functions in food products. Sugar is used as a preservative, where sugar inhibits the growth of microorganisms.

Sugar is used in baked goods, like cakes, to hold moisture and prevent staleness. In canned fruit and vegetables, sugar enhances texture and colours. Sugar is also used to prevent large ice crystals from forming in frozen sweet mixtures, like ice cream, and to support fermentation in products containing yeast, such as bread. In these roles and others.

Sugar Conversion Chart
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