Savannah Sugar Company Limited
Savannah Sugar Company Limited (SSCL) is an existing cane sugar production operation located on 32,000 hectares of land in Numan, Adamawa State, Nigeria, with a milling capacity of 50,000 tonnes of sugar per annum. At present, SSCL produces refined sugar from just 6,750 hectares of sugar cane cultivated on its sugarcane fields.

As part of our growth strategy, SSCL is undergoing rehabilitation and expansion so that more of its land can be planted and harvested effectively. This expansion project will increase sugar milling capacity to some 260,000 tonnes of sugar per annum, from sugar cane produced on approximately 25,000 hectares of cultivated land.  The project will include the development of a roburts out-growers scheme and the refurbishment of infrastructure within the estate, as well as a significant upgrade to its existing factory from 3000 TCD to 6000TCD; and installation of a 12000 TCD diffuser factory, to process the increased cane supply.

SSCL employs 700 full-time staff, and over 4800 part-time staff, with seasonal workers during the harvest season.