Sugar for Nigeria – The Future of our Business.

Nigeria is a net importer of sugar, either raw for refining or in its refined and granulated forms. This dependence on imports, a reflection that until recently, Nigeria had no functional sugar production industry; despite the fact that Nigeria is a country that is blessed with abundant fertile land suitable for sugar cane farming.

Recognizing this paradox, the Federal Government of Nigeria in year 2012 drew up and implemented the Nigerian Sugar Master Plan, (NSMP), an ambitious drive to make Nigeria self-sufficient in sugar production by achieving 1.7 MT of refined sugar from locally grown sugarcane per annun. The plan will also see to the reduction in outflows of Nigerian cash for imports and creating thousands of jobs in sugar production.

Dangote Sugar is an integral part of this national plan. In 2012, we committed ourselves to becoming an integrated sugar business, serving local and export markets from integrated plantation and refinery sites to be built across Nigeria. Our goal over the next ten years is to reach a capacity to produce 1.5 – 2.0 million tons of refined sugar annually from own grown sugarcane.

This goal will ensure that Dangote Sugar becomes a global force in sugar production, for the benefit of all our stakeholders, and Nigeria.