Export Sales Operations
Dangote Sugar Export Sales Operations are backed up by a professional sales team, with an understanding of export operations requirements in Nigeria.

With a well-known brand name, trusted by consumers in Nigeria and the West African Coast, the primary objective of Dangote Sugar’s Export Operations is to create and grow a robust export to market for our high quality sugar brand “Dangote Sugar”.  Due to the geographical position of our country Nigeria, and location of our refining facility at one of the largest ports, in Lagos Nigeria, we are well positioned to cater for markets sub Saharan Africa.

Our production capacity and lines are geared towards satisfying almost every need and we can, within regulatory requirements, meet requests for special products or packaging.

Please send your enquires, requests to Export Sales Operations on exportsales@dangotesugar.com.ng

Export Operations
Mohammad T. Ahmed
Email: exportsales@dangotesugar.com.ng
Cell: +234 80714 91435