Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is responsible for the oversight of the business, long-term strategy and objectives, and the oversight of the Company’s risks while evaluating and directing the implementation of controls and procedures including, in particular, maintaining a sound system of internal controls to safeguard shareholders’ investments and the Company’s assets.

At Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc. (“DSR Plc.”) we believe that the central aim of a great organization is the delivery of excellent and consistent service in line with its fundamental values. We remain committed to our values and pledge to safeguard and increase the value of our Company by wholesome Corporate Governance practices. The Company is compliant with the Code of Corporate Governance for Public Companies issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“the SEC Code”). The Company continually ensures compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements and global best practices, in order to remain a pace setter in the area of good Corporate Governance practices.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the governance of the Company and is accountable to shareholders for creating and delivering sustainable value through the management of the Company. To this end, the Board of Directors has put in place mechanisms that assist it to review on a regular basis, the operations of the Company so as to ensure that our business is conducted in accordance with good Corporate Governance and global best practices.

The Company produces a comprehensive Annual Report and Financial Statements in compliance with the Companies and Allied Matters Act. Adequate internal control procedures are established to ensure that the documents disclose the business and provide detailed audited Financial Statements in accordance with the relevant

Our Shareholders are encouraged to embrace the e-dividend in all its ramifications. This is in consistence with the Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc. overall business strategy, Shareholder Value Creation and commitment to good Corporate Governance Principles. This is to enable the Company to pay the dividend due to Shareholders by crediting their bank accounts with dividends immediately after they are declared. Consequently, we have requested all Shareholders to complete the detachable form in the Annual Report, in order to provide our Registrars, Veritas Registrars Limited, with their bank and other details.

The Board currently consists of nine members, the Chairman, the Acting Group Managing Director and seven Non-Executive Directors, two of whom are Independent Directors. The Board has the overall responsibility for ensuring that the Company is appropriately managed towards the achievement of the Company’s strategic objectives. The Board is headed by a Non-Executive Chairman.

The Board determines the strategic goals and policies of the Company to deliver long-term value by providing overall strategic direction within a structure of rewards, incentives and controls. The Board also ensures that Management strikes an appropriate balance between promoting long-term growth and delivering short-term objectives. In fulfilling its primary responsibility, the Board is aware of the importance of achieving a balance between conformance to governance principles and economic performance.

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